Come join our pack!

Our group walks give your dog exercise, socialisation and a chance to stretch their legs giving them a break in their day waiting for you to come home.

The majority of our walks are based at an enclosed park ensuring the safety of your 4 legged friends. We do the occasional trip to the beach or forest with the most trustworthy dogs.

One dog group walk - £10 per hour

Two dogs group walk - £17 per hour


Going away on holiday?

Why have the stress of putting your dog in boarding when you could have a trusted member of muddy hounds stay at your house?
Keep your dog in an environment they know to reduce any stress while you are away. The friendly muddy hounds team will ensure that your dog is cared for just as well as their own. 
While you are away we will water the plants, look after any other small animals and keep the place safe and clean.

£45 - 1 dog per 24 hours + £5 additional dog


Care while your gone.

Whether it be cats, birds, rabbits or the odd reptile. We offer drop in visits to make sure your small animals are fed, watered, clean and given some company while you are away.
1 x 30 minuets visit per day - £9

2× 30 minute visits per day - £14


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